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High Peak Creative is a small but dedicated Graphic Design agency and Promotional Product production house, providing services to clients worldwide from production facilities in Glossop, Derbyshire UK. We specialise in all aspects of ‘visual communications’ in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments. We are known, in particular, for the assistance, advice, and support that we provide to new and start-up businesses.

Don’t let our size surprise you though. Wherever you may be on the business evolution cycle, you can be sure that High Peak Creative has been there before, helping established corporate businesses, public sector organisations, or new enterprise start-ups to present themselves to the market in a practical and cost-effective way.
We provide bespoke marketing tools using a whole spectrum of media, all featuring compelling high-impact design, closely controlled artwork production, and excellent print and print finishing solutions. 
Exhibition or Conference giveaways not arrived? Don’t panic! We have a good range of available products available at short notice. Our in-house production capability can offer a selection of branded goods (with prompt production lead times) with short-run, high-quality mugs and coasters, for value-added promotions.
Are the services of a Graphic Design Agency the best way to promote a Business?
If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you have always had… You have to project the correct image to be taken seriously. Practical promotional literature needn’t be expensive. But it does need to be professional. Our in depth knowledge of the production process, ensures that whatever the design, expert creation guarantees the end result will be exactly as anticipated.”

We have been supplying creative design and printing services to Local, National and International businesses that include: Start-ups, SMEs, Corporate, Government and Public sector organisations; for over 35 years. This has included a wide variety of items such as (click the links below for more information):

…delivered in a timely and cost-effective way.

Branded Promotional Goods

Astute marketers are increasingly leveraging the perceived value of advertising specialties and apparel to enhance corporate image, build brand awareness, increase loyalty, influence behaviour and drive sales. We understand the value in developing just the right merchandise strategy to blend with and extend your company’s other marketing efforts.

With significant relevant experience and strong ties with industry-leading innovative product manufacturers, we provide access to a single-source provider with knowledge and practical solutions in this sector.

We are sourcing experts, able to make creative and unique recommendations and provide cost-effective solutions from concept to delivery.

Our selection of promotional goods web portals have various up-to-date commercial catalogues providing an excellent overview of some of the many types of products available for consideration, their visual image and costing projections. Save time in canvassing for ideas by perusing the online pages for initial ideas. We will gladly follow-up with specific costings or alternative ideas should you want to progress.

Many products in this field are produced overseas and so it is imperative that you allow enough production time to meet your event scheduling. And as some products are subject to a 6-8 week lead time – Don’t fall victim to bad planning, especially when you know far enough in advance that you are committed to an event.

Besides our online catalogues offering sound ideas and supply options, we have our own range of off-the-shelf and bespoke products, manufactured in-house or at short notice by respected and trusted partners. 
When timing is crucial to you, we endeavour to source, supply and despatch merchandise to support special events, trade shows, team building outings and local market promotions.

Corporate Identity Creation

It’s not just about designing a logo!… but what is a corporate identity or brand? And why would a business need one?

A company’s identity or Brand, and what it means to customers encompasses what it looks like, to what it communicates, to what it evokes in terms of personality traits. A strong identity or brand is very much an invaluable business asset. Whether it includes a name, logo and colour palette, or a feel of advertising, a distinct identity or brand, it builds recognition and loyalty in crowded markets. It conveys credibility. It signifies quality and professionalism. (click to read more…)

Essential Stationery

Simply put, first impressions DO count – and you only get one chance to create a first impression! It is imperative that you are perceived in the best possible light from the outset. Your credibility is of paramount importance to a potential customer or client. Opening the right business banking account could depend on the presentation of your whole business, not just your business plan.

High Peak Creative have been providing great ‘first impressions’ for over 35 years for many new enterprise or start-up businesses. From initial conceptual logo designs, through well-designed stationery; to order pads, NCR sets and contact labels; as such we offer a range of stationery or marketing solutions to suit all types of business.

It is, of course, equally important to leave a positive ‘lasting impression’. Even before any job or project comes your way, you may need to distribute your business card for later contact. A well-designed card, produced using quality printed stock, will make an impact and speak volumes about you and your business long after you have left that initial meeting. Make sure the message it leaves is the right one!

Our popular Business-in-a-Box* product gives you all you need to set off on the right foot (or even keep your costs down if your usage is minimal in the short term).
The package comprises 1000 Letterheads, 1000 compliment slips (or DL leaflets), and 500 off business cards (full colour and matt laminated!) – additional quantities and other stationery items are available on request (including NCR Sets & pads); to supplement the Business-in-a-Box product.

Exhibition and Display Collateral

Do you have an event or promotion to shout about? Our printed PVC banners could be ‘just the job’!

Our large format printer and multi-colour outdoor inks enables us to provide these and much much more.

Produced in-house here in our Derbyshire Studios, our PVC banners and displays are truly the ‘Talk of the Town’. Appearing at garden fetes, Open Days and at strategic locations around the locality, they are used on the short-term to promote local Council initiates, safety awareness campaigns, local business activities, summer fairs etc. etc – the list is endless! (click to read more…)

Image/Infographic Creation

Image Creation covers many aspects of visual communication. ‘A picture tells a 1000 words’ is still very true. Our Infographic production takes on many difficult to understand topics and presents the knowledge in a simplified, easy-to-understand graphical way. In addition we offer a photo image manipulation and restoration service to simplify or improve a given message – this is also good for saving and restoring treasured photographic memories from prints that have seen better days. Contact us now to learn more.

Logo Creation

For many the ‘business Logo’ is believed to be paramount for all marketing activity. However, whilst important, it forms only one aspect of branding! Many aspects need to be considered when creating simply a logo or full corporate identity – Colour associations are important, and like shape, can effect a company’s image. A professionally designed and produced logo takes on board many aspects of what a business is all about and when seen instils in the viewer credibility in a memorable way. In today’s market place it is important to ensure a logo can be practically produced to be correctly represented across all medias.

Newsletters and Magazine Creation and Publishing

Desktop Publishing or Pre-press artwork is the product borne out of the discipline of desktop publishing (or DTP), and is the single most important element of successful reproduction, or clarity of publication. Consistency of Desk Top Publishing (dtp) production is paramount when maintaining balance of layout, leading to clearer understanding of the published content.
Modern Desktop publishing skills use many software products, and work with colour, forme, and fonts creating impactive graphics for marketing and promotional literature, point-of-sale displays, promotional items, trade show exhibits, retail package designs; and outdoor signs.
Our clients rest assured, that unlike many other design and artwork studios, all artwork produced by High Peak Creative is available to our clients on completion of the job. We don’t need to hold onto artwork (to ransom later) under dubious ‘copywright’ statements to secure future work.
This honest and transparent approach to providing artwork services enables our clients to be confident that their best interests are always at the centre of what we do.
Whilst very proud, we are not precious about our service. Like all forms of supply at High Peak Creative, we offer pre-press artwork and desktop publishing to clients as stand-alone services. That means it doesn’t have to be an ‘all or nothing’ provision. Likewise, we will liaise with a clients’ own production staff or supplier partners to ensure our supply is exactly as is required to produce the finished product.
Contact us today to discuss your next project!

Vehicular Decals

Not just cars and vans either! We have produced industrial quality vinyl decals for caravans, bikes, boats and planes too. Using state-of-the-art materials and techniques we can replace faded, damaged decals or design and produce bespoke designs to give your vehicle either a cosmetic lift, inform or promote your business identity/activities.

Sales and Marketing Consultation Services

From time-to-time we all need someone within whom we can trust. Someone to rely on to have our best interests at heart, and who will guide us along the right path. I have worked for clients from a wide range of business sectors, but largely in the B2B arena. It is fact that to win business, your engagement with your target audience needs to have more impact than that of your competition. As a business mentor, I am able to assist business owners to deal with the day-to-day aspects of marketing and promoting their business in a practical way. 

Website Design and Consultancy Services

From creating a small brochure-like website that promotes a credible online presence, to building an ecommerce platform to help sell your products via the internet.
Our design and consultancy service is there to help you ;
  • Build effective websites that will create those important leads so you can get on with your day to day business
  • Optimise your online presence so you get the traffic you need to grow your sales, in other words, we make sure that your website, social media and local listings are working together

Listen • Understand • Create • Deliver

We achieve this by employing our proven 4-stage process to desired campaigns on behalf of our clients. This concise process has been developed to ensure a solution that benefits beyond the mere provision of a logo design or printed flyer. Through essential business stationery, marketing literature, exhibition design and materials, to bespoke and branded goods. The concise process is:


First of all we take the time to listen to our clients, to hear what they have to say, but more importantly who they want to say it to!


It is very important that in listening we fully understand all aspects of the product, service or project that is being described, marketed or promoted; for in doing-so adds more potential for success into the desired outcome.


With the relevant knowledge gained from stages 1 and 2, we then take the time to fully assess and formulate a proposed deliverable solution. This might be any part, or the complete provision by our experienced staff or leading industry partners.


Delivery of the required solution is paramount and uniquely at odds with many of our so-called competitors. We guarantee it will be production-led, taking into consideration all aspects and requirements of the production process, required to deliver exactly what our clients want; but more importantly; when they want it!

“An Holistic value-added approach to marketing and promotional provision”

As an outsource manufacturer and service business operating in the Graphic Design, Pre-Press Artwork and Print arenas, we deliver a largely ‘in-house’ (one-stop-shop) provision that ensures practical solutions to the education, marketing and promotion of our clients’ products and services on a day-by-day basis.

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